We believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We believe that the same Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the grave is still alive, all powerful, and working in the lives of His people today

Looking for a place to belong, that you can call home?

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During these times of uncertainty concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic, rest assured that our God is still in control: and as true believers we have no need to fear. Jesus is our sustainer and He holds our lives in His hands. Just know that this is a season of revival and repentance. We at Spirit of Truth Church Worldwide trust the Lord to draw you, protect you and keep you healthy and strong, even in the midst of this latest storm.

If you would like prayer, or just need encouragement to help you cope, no need to be alone, our prayer warriors are here for you. Give us a call at (707) 759-5244.

And may God bless you and keep you.

Pastors Joel and Annalisa Jones

We are a ministry led by Jesus Christ. Pastors Joel and AnnaLisa, teaches  the uncompromising word of God, under the anointing and guidance of The Holy Spirit. As The Body of Christ, we believe in putting God first In all things; and to strive to live loving and obedient lives according to the word and the will of God. 


We pray you will join us on this journey and we hope to provide you with meaningful opportunities to connect with others who share this vision. If you’re just beginning to explore how God may be relevant in your life, we want to meet you on that path. If you’re a committed Christian who wants to grow deeper in your faith, we want to support and nurture that desire. May your encounters here serve to draw you nearer to Christ, and may you be blessed by a sense of God’s presence in this community. We trust you’ll find Spirit of Truth Church Worldwide to be a place you can call home.

The word of god our firm foundation

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