Tune in to Our Weekly Radio Broadcast - Spirit of Truth Church Worldwide - " Miracles of God " Saturday mornings at 12:30am on KFAX RADIO 1100am, 10:30am on KDYA RADIO 1190am, and Sunday evenings at 8pm on KFAX RADIO 1100am pacific.


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Weekly Radio Broadcast


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Various live internet broadcasts to India "On the Job With God" via interpreter

"Miracles of God Weekly Radio Broadcast as heard on KDYA 1190AM and KFAX 1100AM Radio Stations

Vessels of Destructions PT-1

"Weekly Sunday morning sermons


God's Amazing Grace PT-2

 Importance of Loving God 

Miracles of God

On the Job with God

God's Amazing Grace PT-3

The Anointing Calling By God PT-1

The Anointing Calling By God PT2

Vessels of Destructions PT-2

Spiritual Warfare PT-1

Spiritual Warfare PT-2

God's Amazing Grace PT-1